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Thanking for hospitality, letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
I am writing the letter to thank you for your wonderful welcome to the cottage. I have for a long time admired the high lever of professionalism that you displayed. I am pleased with your kidness and hospitality.
I really liked my room in your cottage. The food, which Mrs. Smith had been cooking for a week, was very delicious. I liked your cat, it did not catch me! Your hospitality was to the point, because I was so nervous, but only first day.
Thanks to this visit, I began to understand better some jokes in English, thanks to Mr. Smith, I discovered new anglo-american writers and artists. We with my friend went to the beach and learnt many new phrases from other people.
Once again I want to thank you for your hospitality, patience and kidness, becausenit is not always easy to take a stranger to your house.
Best wishes,

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